The Church and Non-Monogamy


(It’s Time, Y’all.)

Y’all ain’t ready to hear this yet BUT

It is about damn time that our churches (that includes all “progressive” and LGBTQIA+ affirming congregations) begin talking about consensual non-monogamous and Queer relationship dynamics. Simply marrying LGBTQIA+ folks or allowing them in leadership is STEP ONE!

We MUST continue to understand how Queer love and relationships step outside the boundaries of what a heteronormative relationship dynamic looks like.

Queer relationship dynamics matter to God.

We wonder why Queer folks still don’t show up! We are still excluding!

Amen and Hallalujah.

An Image that says “Ethical, Consensual Non-Monagamous and Queer Relationships Matter To God. A “Non-Monogamy Flag” is below the text.



Jackson Campbell

Queer advocate & Minister | Union Theological Seminary in NYC