Preaching to Myself

Jackson Campbell
4 min readFeb 9, 2024

I often preach before a congregation when I should be in front of a mirror.

Pictured is Jackson Campbell preaching on Call Sunday at First Baptist Church, Morehead, Kentucky

This past Sunday, I worshiped at First Baptist Church, Morehead, Kentucky as I preached in view of a call to become the next Associate Pastor of this historic congregation in Eastern Kentucky. It was a special day for me and for many others for a myriad of reasons — one being that I’d be the first out Gay pastor of this congregation, as well as the first Gay Baptist Pastor Eastern Kentucky and anywhere in the state outside of Louisville and Owensboro.

On that beautiful morning, I preached on the healing of the hemorrhaging woman and Jairus’ daughter in the book of Mark. The first woman had been bleeding for twelve years and felt that there was no way out except for touching Jesus and receiving his healing power. She touched him and was, in fact, healed. Jesus was clear to her, though. It wasn’t the touch that healed her — but her faith.

I preached this before a congregation — and if you’ve never shared God’s good news in a pulpit before, it can be a humbling experience. As preachers share what can be quite complex sermons to their congregants, they often find themselves deeply in need of the very message they’re preaching. This past Sunday, I was one of those preachers.

Since this sermon, many traumatic wounds have risen again to the surface of my soul and…