Liturgy of the Christmas Tree Cake

Jackson Campbell
2 min readNov 10, 2023

The Divinity of a Holiday-themed Snack Cake

I can’t believe that precious Mother Time has brought us back around to this moment — the re-release of Christmas Tree Cakes in stores all across the United States. For some, seeing them on shelves signals an automatic eyeroll — perhaps to those who are health/fitness/diet culture folks or those who are dead set on celebrating the Christmas and Yule season only when they’re “supposed to” begin (after Thanksgiving I guess?). There are others who simply believe they are disgusting — and for those people I say — I can help you pack your bags for some non-Christmas Tree Cake loving country.

Christmas Tree Cakes are more than just a “junk food” that folks like me yearn for during the summer season. They’re a work of art. They’re a work of love. They’re a catalyst for community and togetherness. Dare I say that they reflect some Divine nature — just like Humans do.

I’m sure you have a favorite snack during the holiday season — perhaps it is the Christmas Tree Cake. For those of us who love them so much, it is easy to remember some good memories that have involved these precious holiday favorites. Each year when my family and I tear into the red, white, and green goodness, I remember the days I spent at my Mamaw and Papaw’s house. What a JOY. I remember days gone by when my Dad and I would sneak a pack home even when my Mom didn’t want them in the house. I remember the year I lived in New York City and my family and friends shipped me a dozen packs because I said I missed them.

Eating them — even when lonely — brings you back to the love and community you have with your family and friends. Whether you’re in the car or displaced thousands of miles away from home, those cakes bring home to you wherever you may be.

Friends, whether you’re a Christmas Tree Cake fanatic like me or perhaps you think they belong in the trash can (you’re WRONG), let us live in harmony and remember that the Divine can be found in the smallest of things in each of our lives.

In this season, I invite you to find something that takes you back home — even if it is FULL of cholesterol.