God is a Drag Queen

Jackson Campbell
3 min readOct 10, 2023

Photo by BETZY AROSEMENA on Unsplash

Ifyou grew up in any church ever (or not), you have heard of God being spoken of as a man. He/Him pronouns are used. God is described as masculine. Power and Dominion is historically attached to the Male body, so God has a Male body. Most translations of the Bible use He/Him pronouns. It’s everywhere. Even in “progressive” or “liberal” churches, God is still mostly a dude.

I think we’ve been wrong this whole time. I think God is a drag queen. Don’t “x” off the article just yet. I promise I have a good argument to defend my case.

First, what is drag?

“Drag is a form of art evolving gender-bending where a person dresses in more exaggerated clothing and makeup that teases the idea of strict gender roles. Though drag is mainly for performing and entertainment purposes, it is also used for gender expression and celebrating LGBTQ+ pride.”

So, God’s a Queer, gender-bending entertainer?

Well, this is where I crack open and dust off the ole Good Book. In the Bible, it says that “Humankind was created as God’s reflection:
in the divine image God created them;
female, male, (and everything in between), God made them.” That’s in Genesis. Right smack in the beginning of the damn thing. How did we miss it? God told us from the get-go that we are a reflection of who God is. If that is the case, then God is a reflection of every kind of gender identity, every kind of makeup, every kind of dress, every size hoop earring, every bust size, and especially every heart and soul.

“Dare I say that every time we read the Bible, we’re having Drag Queen Story Hour with all of God’s children.”

Make no mistake about it. God is a drag queen. Dare I say that every time we read the Bible, we’re having Drag Queen Story Hour with all of God’s children. God is telling us a story that reminds us that we are wholly divine and good. We are wholly welcome in the Kindom of God. Not only are we loved by god, but every part of who we are REFLECTS God.

It reflects Christ, too. 1 Corinthians 12:27 says that You, then, are the body of Christ, and each of you is a member of it.” Each and every one of…